Sunday, May 31, 2015

Is diamond really a woman’s best friend?

Is diamond really a woman’s best friend?
Can I confront in a diamond? Is diamond able to console me during my low moments?
Diamond no doubt is a precious stone and women want to posses one but in my opinion it is a stone that is hyped by profit making traders and businessmen.
As a young woman, I always dreamt of having one after watching a romantic advertisement - where a handsome man takes the beautiful lady out for dinner and surprises her with a diamond ring. I would replay that advertisement in my mind whilst day dreaming. It is said that life is a journey not a destination. For me my life was that diamond dream, that destination.
Now that I have a diamond ring, in my daily routine I have never remembered or day dreamed about the sparkling ring my husband gifted me on our wedding day. No doubt, it is precious to me and is kept nicely in the safe. It comes out only once or twice in a year.
In my life’s journey now I have realized is that life is not about possessing that stone. There is a life beyond that, which as a young lady I was not aware. Getting married and stepping into the relationship is about commitment and sailing the journey together with your partner till the end. But this journey is not smooth. We cannot sail without our friends (and few relatives) and their helpful advice. My friends stood by me and showered me with advices based on their past experiences, at the time I needed them. Without those friends I couldn’t have faced the gigantic waves, which would have easily swept me away. Instead of investing on diamonds, I would invest quality time (sometimes money) on my sensible friends. They add substance to my life and are forever with me.
In my view, young girls should not go crazy and be fooled by the advertisements around them. I don’t say that don’t invest on a diamond. If it is gifted to you then accept it gracefully. I also have one. I suggest looking beyond that sparkling stone and finding inner and more fulfilling life. Unfortunately, I can see weekend magazine full of celebrities in jewelry advertisements. In one of the advertisements, Amitabh Bachchan suggests to a young boy – to propose a girl for marraige with a diamond ring (zamana badal gaya hai, he says). A red rose can also do that work only if the man’s feeling is true. Why specifically diamond ring?
In my personal view, a women’s best friend is her education. Her education can help her during tough times. Knowledge of any form that forever stays with us is our best friend. Recently, an unfortunate tragedy had hit Nepal, where people lost their belongings and their precious possessions. What is still with them is their knowledge and skills they have learnt in the past. Now this will be their building block for future.
In my list of best friends diamond doesn’t even exist. My best friend is my mother, sister, few school and office friends, my husband and my education. Who are your best friends?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Cloud Formation

A friend of mine was saying that I have not posted any new post on my blog lately. So many things are happening and I will admit that I was getting lazy. 

Lately, I was mesmerized by clouds in Dubai. Clouds are rare sight in the middle of a desert. I happen to catch few candid shots on my Nikon. It was about the right moment...few seconds later that cloud formation disappeared. Life is also about those right decision at the right time. If not taken.....that moment (woh pal) vanishes in the past and cannot come back. We cannot control our past but future is in our hands. 

I give myself the pleasure to day dream and have mastered the art! I can sit on my couch and stare at those endless waves in the ocean without emotions on my face. But inside my mind, I am visualizing all the things I want to do in future. I had been doing this since childhood without realizing that it is a powerful technique called The Art of Visualization and is used by lots of people. It is said - "The body won’t go where the mind has not gone to first”.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Stop, Cross, Do Not Start

Just before the dawn, when the night is at its darkest -  over sized full moon flooded my balcony. That sight was enough for my creative juices to over flow. After seeing off my son in the school bus, I stepped out with my camera. The first picture I took was of this sign board - Stop, Cross, Do Not Start

In Dubai I have noticed that mornings are always not easy. I observed people driving with tension (maybe they were cursing someone), some were walking with heavy heart towards their office/work, school kids sleeping in the bus with their unwashed faces hanging on the backrest. 

I wish we could come out of this rush and chaos and get these proper and clear signs (with buttons?!) to guide us. Before taking any decision we could check our inner selves. If I am not wrong we all had this ability as children. But with time and age we gradually loose it. Now if we stop and think and meditate we can probably awaken that. 

Well, that day I crossed that signal and walked towards the beach to chase and click the seagulls. They were not friendly as I wasn't carrying any food for them. But still I managed few shots after some tiring attempts. When I rested on the golden morning sand, my inner voice was saying not to cross that signal so soon and stay with nature for some more time. As I am not used to following that voice, I ignored, and went back to reality to see those dull faces hanging around me. But this time I walked back in trance to check those seagulls on my laptop. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Love, Peace and Forgiveness

One day Trip to Hiroshima, Japan

Hiroshima is a city the world will always relate with the destruction caused by the Atomic Bomb blast in Second World War. Now modern and friendly, the city was completely destroyed and devastated on August 6, 1945. In summers, just before 69th anniversary of A-bombing, my son and I visited Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Museum on a pleasant sunny summer day.

Hiroshima is one-hour journey by bullet train (called Shinkansen in Japanese) from our hometown –Kobe. My seven-year old son was thrilled and enjoyed his time in the bullet train. Since it was a one-day trip and we had limited hours in Hiroshima, we rushed to board the streetcar bound to the Museum. It is located near the famous T-bridge called Aioi Bridge, which was the epicenter of the atomic bomb. Our eyes couldn’t stop being moist whilst we saw the famous dome’s scaffolding, which survived the drastic atomic bomb blast. Reading about it in history books and actually seeing it in reality is completely different emotional experience. Holding my son’s hand and walking on ground zero towards the Peace Park was an unforgettable moment. It was both fascinating and terrifying. Outside the museum few retired social workers were happily cleaning the streets. Japanese are fanatic about cleanliness and are proud to keep their city clean. A bunch of elementary school students, who were on a field trip waved at us and we cheerfully reciprocated. They also posed for a picture for us! The city had a radiant and carefree atmosphere and it was difficult to believe that it has been re-built from scratch and had endured A-bomb blast.

The museum made history come to life. Inside the museum, the real leftover artifacts explicitly explained the aftermath of an atomic bomb explosion. We could feel the immense pain and sufferings of the survivors; we felt their sharp burns from the heat and fire; we could hear their crying, helpless voices asking for help. I could picture myself folding those paper cranes with tragic little girl-Sadako, who was affected by the radiation and she thought folding thousand cranes would cure her. Several pictures of the mushroom cloud and the real sized bomb – Little Boy was thought provoking for my candid son. He still couldn’t understand the reason behind this violent explosion and was wondering why human being has to hurt each other. Why we cannot co-exist peacefully?

The in-house souvenir shop offered many books in Japanese and English on the tales of the survivors. My son bought a book named – The Lunch Box, a story about the unconsumed lunch of a boy that turned into a black solid box after the blast. My son immediately recalled the real Lunch box artifact he just saw inside.  The Japanese staff and the volunteers were very friendly, helpful and kind. We were asked to write a peace message for humanity at the exit.

People in Hiroshima didn’t show any grudge or hatred. Instead they gave us hope and are actively promoting peace in the world. Japan is nuclear-free since September 2013.  Their eyes reflected only one emotion – pure forgiveness. It is said that if you don’t know history then you don’t know who you are. The visit made me learn few precious lessons-love, peace and forgiveness and had touched my soul deeply.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

In her womb again

During winter vacation, staying at my mother's home was like being in her womb again.....protected and loved. It was like a fairy land where without saying all the needs were taken care of by her. The familiar vibrations of the home and childhood smell was felt as soon as I stepped inside the home.  My favorite food was prepared and was relished over endless gossip sessions. I don't know from where the topic comes, I and my mother start chatting the moment we are together. 
Now married and away from her for eight years, I can still absorb her unconditional love, care and acceptance. I know I can reach out to her anytime...anywhere. Her ears are always open for me. 
I am grateful to her for everything I have today. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Nature and WiFi!

My husband was asking me the other day that which country I would like to live - Japan, India or Dubai. Frankly, after thinking for sometime, I was unable to decide. My everyday regime can fit-in anywhere in the world oblivious to any place. I love being with nature - in open blue infinite sky, sandy lazy beach and lush green emerald wood. My third eye craves these sights. It opens up and starts dancing effortlessly. I find myself in the summit of my creativity and fulfillment. 

This feeling cannot be bought in any mall, it can only be experienced with closed eyes. Malls in Dubai drains away my energy. Whenever I am in the mall with my husband, I fail to walk at his pace. I become a lifeless creature without soul. I struggle to keep myself calm. Artificial lights, fake trees and even the waterfall fails to keep me moving. I haven't stopped visiting these malls and go there only if I have work and I keep it short. 

May be, my answer to my husband will be -
I want to stay in place which is close to nature and where wifi is fast. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

We did it!

Today, early morning I felt like a teenager who was excited about her new adventure. I was getting ready for Dubai Women's Run and this was my first run ever. I had trained myself for last two months but was still nervous.  5K was something which looked like full marathon in the morning. 

My friend participant had kindly offered to pick me up. Whist waiting for her in the morning I had mentally pictured myself in the run and was ready to give my best shot. When my friend arrived with her husband and kids, slight drizzle in a desert city surprised us. According to my friend's husband this was a good sign. We reached the starting point on time and was pleased to see so many enthusiastic women, all ready for this day. We decided to use the restroom first and was able to chit chat with few strangers in the long queue. For some, like us, it was their first time and they were equally nervous. Some second and third timers said that taking part in these runs is addictive. I was skeptical about it. 

We began our first 5K with lot of zest. First one kilometer seemed like three! I couldn't run all the time and took short breaks and walked. The water station was a big respite. Last 200 meters was the longest stretch I ever ran. But, like everything which starts has an end, I could see the finish line. YES! I finished the race in 37 minutes. I could hear my friend's son shouting my name in ecstasy. The finisher's medal added more joy to our achievement whilst the photographers were buzzing around us. 

On our way back we couldn't stop dancing and laughing in the car. My friend had a silly smile (as she said) on her face and her kids were proud of their mother. After I got back home, I couldn't stop myself from posting my pictures on WhatsApp and Instagram. Yalla!
that stranger was correct, it is addictive and I am thinking about 10K already.